10 single-cell data benchmarking papers

I tweeted it at https://twitter.com/tangming2005/status/1679120948140572672

I got asked to put all my posts in a central place and I think it is a good idea.

And here it is!

  1. Benchmarking integration of single-cell differential expression

  2. Benchmarking atlas-level data integration in single-cell genomics

  3. A review of computational strategies for denoising and imputation of single-cell transcriptomic data

  4. Benchmarking spatial and single-cell transcriptomics integration methods for transcript distribution prediction and cell type deconvolution

  5. Comparison of methods and resources for cell-cell communication inference from single-cell RNA-Seq data

  6. Meta-analysis of (single-cell method) benchmarks reveals the need for extensibility and interoperability

  7. Benchmarking Computational Doublet-Detection Methods for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data

  8. The effect of background noise and its removal on the analysis of single-cell expression data

  9. Comparison of transformations for single-cell RNA-seq data

  10. Benchmarking algorithms for gene regulatory network inference from single-cell transcriptomic data


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