stacked violin plot for visualizing single-cell data in Seurat

In scanpy, there is a function to create a stacked violin plot.

There is no such function in Seurat, and many people were asking for this feature. e.g.

The developers have not implemented this feature yet. In this post, I am trying to make a stacked violin plot in Seurat.

The idea is to create a violin plot per gene using the VlnPlot in Seurat, then customize the axis text/tick and reduce the margin for each plot and finally concatenate by cowplot::plot_grid or patchwork::wrap_plots.


## remove the x-axis text and tick
## plot.margin to adjust the white space between each plot.
## ... pass any arguments to VlnPlot in Seurat
modify_vlnplot<- function(obj, 
                          pt.size = 0, 
                          plot.margin = unit(c(-0.75, 0, -0.75, 0), "cm"),
                          ...) {
  p<- VlnPlot(obj, features = feature, pt.size = pt.size, ... )  + 
    xlab("") + ylab(feature) + ggtitle("") + 
    theme(legend.position = "none", 
          axis.text.x = element_blank(), 
          axis.ticks.x = element_blank(), 
          axis.title.y = element_text(size = rel(1), angle = 0), 
          axis.text.y = element_text(size = rel(1)), 
          plot.margin = plot.margin ) 

## extract the max value of the y axis
extract_max<- function(p){
  ymax<- max(ggplot_build(p)$layout$panel_scales_y[[1]]$range$range)

## main function
StackedVlnPlot<- function(obj, features,
                          pt.size = 0, 
                          plot.margin = unit(c(-0.75, 0, -0.75, 0), "cm"),
                          ...) {
  plot_list<- purrr::map(features, function(x) modify_vlnplot(obj = obj,feature = x, ...))
  # Add back x-axis title to bottom plot. patchwork is going to support this?
  plot_list[[length(plot_list)]]<- plot_list[[length(plot_list)]] +
    theme(axis.text.x=element_text(), axis.ticks.x = element_line())
  # change the y-axis tick to only max value 
  ymaxs<- purrr::map_dbl(plot_list, extract_max)
  plot_list<- purrr::map2(plot_list, ymaxs, function(x,y) x + 
                            scale_y_continuous(breaks = c(y)) + 
                            expand_limits(y = y))

  p<- patchwork::wrap_plots(plotlist = plot_list, ncol = 1)

Testing the function

pbmc<- readRDS("~/projects/EvaluateSingleCellClustering/data/pbmc_5k_v3.rds")
features<- c("CD79A", "MS4A1", "CD8A", "CD8B", "LYZ", "LGALS3", "S100A8", "GNLY",
             "NKG7", "KLRB1", "FCGR3A", "FCER1A", "CST3")

StackedVlnPlot(obj = pbmc, features = features)

## any arguments for Vlnplot can be passed to the StackedVlnPlot. e.g. idents.
## only cluster 1-5
StackedVlnPlot(obj = pbmc, features = features, idents = c(1,2,3,4,5) )

The code can be better designed, and also I should add checks ... using ellipsis package. Nevertheless, it is working and gives me desired layout :)


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