setting up Travis CI for github repos

I wanted to set up Travis CI long time ago. Finally, I have a chance to do so. There are already many posts on how to do it. I write it down here for my own future reference. Thanks Tao Liu for the instructions. I have been learning a lot from him in collabrating with the MAESTRO project.

Step 1

go to github marketplace: Search for Travis CI. It is free for open source project. choose the free plan. Click install for free.

step 2

Inside the github repo, create a .travis.yml file. See an example for the MAESTRO:

I also have one for my scclusteval R package.

After setting it up, after each commit or pull request, a test is automatically run in travis and you will get notification to see if the build passed or not. This is really nice!

step 3 Embedding Status Images to the github README

You can embed a buid status badge in the of your github repo following:

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