Reproducible research

My take on Data Challenges in Immuno-oncology, the Role of the Cloud, and Growing a Computational Biology Team

The original link. Guest Profile Tommy Tang’s career began when he pursued his Ph.D. in genetics and genomics at the University of Florida. Initially trained in molecular biology in the wet lab, he was driven to explore computational biology after encountering the limitations of traditional analysis methods. Through self-study, Tommy developed skills that enabled him to analyze complex genomic data sets. Following his Ph.D., Tommy joined MD Anderson Cancer Center and later moved to Harvard and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where he worked on single-cell RNA sequencing.

setting up Travis CI for github repos

I wanted to set up Travis CI long time ago. Finally, I have a chance to do so. There are already many posts on how to do it. I write it down here for my own future reference. Thanks Tao Liu for the instructions. I have been learning a lot from him in collabrating with the MAESTRO project. read the official documentation Jean Fan’s blog post R specific https://docs.