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Panel Discussion on GPT & Drug Discovery: Rise of Generative Models

DataFair 2023 by Elucidata
Zoom, Boston, MA, United States

Generative #AI has the potential to transform the drug discovery 💊 field. Let’s pressure test the hype vs. reality in an exciting panel discussion 🎤. Join our expert panel as they delve into the transformative potential of Generative AI in drug discovery. We’ve gathered industry leaders 🤝🏻

🎯 Ming “Tommy” Tang, Director of Computational Biology, Immunitas Therapeutics Chetanya Pandya, Global Head of Data Engineering, Oncology, Sanofi

Helena Deus, PhD, Principal, Technology Consulting, EPAM Systems

Prashant Natarajan, Vice President, Strategy and Products,

Jainik Dedhia, Senior Product Manager, Elucidata

Moderator: Vladimir Makarov, Consultant - AI and ML Centre of Excellence Program Manager, Pistoia Alliance

To share insights on: -Generative AI and its Applications 🤖 -The Role of Data Quality 🎯 in LLMs -Integration into R&D strategies -Challenges 🧐 faced by the industry