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Drug Discovery Biology Strategy Meeting

Zoom, Boston, MA, United States

We are excited to introduce 🎯 Ming “Tommy” Tang, an exceptional leader in computational biology, who will be guiding an engaging discussion at the upcoming 10th Drug Discovery Strategy Meeting on November 7 in Boston. Tommy currently serves as the Director of Computational Biology at Immunitas Therapeutics, a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing cancer therapeutics through innovative approaches.

With a deep commitment to advancing our understanding of the complexities of immune cells within human tumors, Tommy leads a highly skilled computational biology unit at Immunitas Therapeutics. Leveraging the power of Google cloud computing and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, he and his team identify novel drug targets for immunotherapy, offering hope in the fight against cancer.

Tommy’s expertise extends to dissecting a vast array of data types, including large-scale bulk sequencing, single-cell transcriptomics, epigenomics, and spatial transcriptomics. He is a fervent advocate for the principles of reproducible research, utilizing tools like Docker/Singularity and Rmarkdown notebooks to ensure utmost transparency and replicability in his analyses.

During the upcoming strategy meeting, Tommy will delve into the captivating topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Drug Design: From Generative Models to Reinforcement Learning.” This discussion promises to explore the pivotal role of generative models in drug design, the challenges facing AI-driven drug development, the validation and interpretability of AI predictions, and the promising future prospects of AI in revolutionizing drug design, personalized medicine, multi-target drug development, and clinical trials.

Join us on November 7 for an enlightening session led by Tommy Tang, a true visionary in the realm of computational biology and artificial intelligence. Register now with code VIPMING for a FREE VIP Pass* and be part of this transformative discussion.