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How To Switch From Wet-Lab To Dry-Lab? Tips for single cell scientists

podcast by The Single Cell World
Zoom, Boston, MA, United States

This episode isn’t about methods or technology; it’s about inspiring scientists around the #singlecell world. Listen to 🎯 Ming “Tommy” Tang’s story and let it inspire you. It might just sparkle ✨ a transformation in your own scientific journey!

In this episode, Dr. Ming “Tommy” Tang shares his story of changing from hands-on lab work to computer-based research. Tommy talks about the steps, challenges, and skills he learned along the way. Plus, find out how he got so many followers on X!

This episode is not about methods or technology; it’s about inspiring people in the single-cell research world. Give it a listen and get inspired by Tommy’s story. It can be a change in your own science journey!