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Learn Computational Biology the Right Way

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As the Bioinforange platform, we prepare and share Turkish and English review articles, news articles, videos, and scientific short notes on many biological science fields, especially bioinformatics. At the same time, we organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and congress events with the participation of valuable scientists. We have a website called (Turkish content) and (English content). We are also present on all social media platforms as @bioinforange and @bioinfocodes. Our platform is followed by scientists and our student friends who are studying in many scientific fields. We have 10300 followers on Instagram and 8000 followers on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our entire team consists of students; We have more than 150 members and 128 volunteer representatives from 80 universities over the world. We continue our efforts to increase the scientific sharing culture in Turkey and to contribute to the students without any profit motive, based on volunteerism. For more detailed information, you can visit or At the same time, you can review our most recent congress ( and our published scientific journals (

By inviting scientists like you to our events, we would like to contribute to our student friends and science culture in the name of sharing knowledge thanks to you.